AI Chatbots for Restaurant

Get more guests to your restaurant with a 24/7 customer support, boost lead generation and sales through social media marketing, with a Facebook messenger chatbot - all on autopilot.

  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics Tools

Restaurant Chatbot Solutions

Customer support

Upgrade your Facebook page and become super responsive to messages. No human support required. Your customers will be able to send you a message with any questions via your Facebook page and you’ll reply immediately. What questions do customers have? Tons! Our AI Chatbot can reply to all of them! We have covered over 200 questions that you can use for your guests about your restaurant, menu, prices, open hours, reservations, gift cards, offers, coupons and many more.

Lead Generation

AI Chatbots have a perfect infrastructure to boost lead generation and make people aware of your unique qualities as a brand. High-quality pictures, notifications about new menu items and special offers sent straight to your customer’s messenger account. One-click reservation with reminders and follow up features. Personalized coupon programs to engage and incentivize your customers even more and ensure a stable revenue stream through numerous varieties of promotions.


Sell quicker and cheaper with AI chatbot. CHERRY AI sets up a shop for your products to sell directly to your customers in a natural conversational manner. No matter what you sell, gift cards or products, your customers will be able to navigate through your online shop and pay directly via Facebook messenger - easy, secure and fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a restaurant chatbot?

Restaurant chatbot is a program which allows customers to talk to the business via direct messages. The chatbot instantly replies to questions, offers help in a vast variety of restaurant and customer support related topics.

There are two types of chatbots that we build for restaurants:

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot is accessible 24/7 from your Facebook page by clicking the ‘Send message’ button. It is a very engaging and highly effective way for your customer to communicate with your restaurant, through constant interaction with your brand and a fully automated customer support service for you. We call this a win-win situation.

Chatbot widget for website

Chatbot widget for websites can be installed onto your existing webpage, with a one-click installation via embedded code snippet. When your customers visit your website they will be able to text the "never sleeping employee" and get an instant reply.


What is the difference between CHERRY AI Chatbot and other chatbots?

We use advanced machine learning algorithms in order to process customer requests. It makes our chatbots seem human. Cherry chatbots understand very complex contextual situations and more importantly are trained to serve restaurant businesses and can reply to any restaurant related question. To put it simple, our chatbots use natural language understanding and not just outdated keywords matching algorithms.

How will AI chatbot help me grow my business?

Chatbots have the highest open rate compared to other marketing tools. The conversational chatbot is also a very handy tool to turn Facebook community or your website visitors into a valuable asset. Most restaurants use a little or no tools to reach their customers properly. For example, your restaurant is not full enough on Mondays and you want to make a special offer to bring more customers on that days. You can make a post or you create a Facebook ad and when customers click on it, they will be redirected to Facebook messenger chatbot. The chatbot is available 24/7, it will explain to your customers why it’s worth visiting your restaurant.

What is a chatbot coupon program and how it works?

We offer to integrate your existing coupon program into your chatbot or let you use our coupon solutions. We offer our clients a fully functional coupon system. You start a campaign and issue a certain amount of coupons. Your guests can get the coupon code via a chatbot and redeem it at your restaurant. So that you collect data about customer preferences and past experiences.

How long does it take to build a chatbot for my restaurant?

Generally, it takes from 2 to 4 weeks to build a fully functioning chatbot for a restaurant. We create advanced functions for restaurant chatbots such as food ordering, feedback analysis, coupon offer and other ready-to-use solutions.

How much does it cost to build a chatbot?

After sending us a request, we will schedule a call to learn more about your case. We will collect all needed information and send you a quote. The pricing will depend on the modules you want to include. View all modules. View all modules.

Why is my Facebook page becoming more compelling by adding a chatbot?

Your customers give a like on your Facebook page when they are impressed with services, food or engaging content so that they can receive and stay up to date with news from you and learn about new offers. Very often restaurants don’t use this huge valuable asset. By definition, an asset is an economic resource. That means that Facebook business pages can bring you additional income and if it doesn’t yet, it means that you’re not using it effectively. You can sell products and gift cards via facebook messenger, talk directly to your customers and gather feedback, answer to their questions, gift or sell coupons and show off the menu, with mouthwatering pictures.

How do I get my customers to use the chatbot?

There are three ways to open the communication channel with your Facebook fans through your chatbot:

  • People visit your Facebook page and ask questions.
  • You send out non-promotional engaging content which is free and highly effective.
  • Sending out promotional content -- this is the paid option and also highly effective. With this option you can target and re-target already satisfied customers and/or lure them back if they haven’t visited or ordered from your restaurant in some time, e.g. giving away 10% coupons off the next visit.

Facebook messenger is one of the mostly used messengers in the world (2.7 bn monthly active users) and most of your customers are already using it for daily communication (around 30% with an average age from 25-34 and ~20% from 35-44 year).

What will my customers see when they open chatbot?

What your customers see when they open your messenger. First picture - the restaurant doesn’t use a chatbot, doesn’t reply instantly to messages and doesn't collect data about their guest's questions, wishes, and interests (lost data forever). The second picture shows a restaurant which implemented a chatbot into their messenger, they actively engage their guests without passively waiting for them to make the first move (engage the customer and stores valuable data)

What customer information will I get via chatbot dialogues?

Through Facebook messenger, you get following data by default: name and surname, gender, time zone. We also collect such information as the phone number, email, age, favorite dishes, user’s allergies and many more. This data is obtained through friendly naturally interacting dialogs. We are able to customize the dialog to your needs, through our network of copyright writers.

Do you develop another custom chatbot solutions for restaurants?

We designed the most often required solutions for restaurants. But sometimes it is not enough. We are happy to listen to your exact needs and see how we can adjust our solutions to fit your business needs. Contact us to learn how we can work together.

Let us show you how it works!

Restaurant Solutions Explained

Reply to Frequently Asked Questions

We collected over 200 frequently asked questions for restaurants for you to be ready with an answer in a matter of milliseconds. You might think that human support is a better solution for your customers. We did a research to prove you that the opposite is right: restaurants benefit from automation in customer support. An average restaurant replies within 3 hours or a day to their customers and only during their business hours. They usually reply very quickly, without proper salutation and an offer to help further. Opposed to that our chatbot has time for each customer, not only does it reply to customers immediately but also offers additional help, tells about updates and offers to learn and promote more about your venue in advanced interactive ways.

Interactive menu

Restaurants still offer their guests a static menu. A piece of paper or a pdf document, often even without images. It did work, but did it work well? You can get a competitive edge by getting further and offering more interaction to your customers. For example, if customers have quick questions, let’s see how long it take to reply to human vs chatbot. Here are some examples of questions our chatbots understand:

  • Hi, can you show me the menu?
  • What would you recommend me?
  • Do you have any gluten-free dishes?

Guest Profile

What do you know about your customers, and more importantly what do you know about your core customers? Why do they choose you and what else do they expect from you? Through simple chatting, you can ask the guests about their preferences, we save the data into a database. You can easily access it via your dashboard. With this data, you can create personalized notifications, learn about your customers more, get to know and understand behavioral patterns in your core customers.


Chat is another convenient way for guests to book a table at your restaurant. Users are identified, we automate the process of reservations and bring it to the next level by creating the full closed cycle:

  • Reservation offer
  • Reservation
  • Reservation share (share the reservation with invitees)
  • Reservation management (reschedule, cancel)
  • Reservation reminder
  • Feedback and special offer for next reservation

IIn this way you’re able to control the reservation process, get insights about customer experience and make more reservations.


CHERRY AI created its very own coupon management system. When you’re logged into your dashboard, you can create a campaign and issue a certain number of coupons. Your customers will learn about them from your Facebook post, chatbot notification, your email, from waiters or directly at your restaurant. The chatbot will issue all coupons on a first come, first served basis. After there are no more coupons to issue, the chatbot will automatically reply that this campaign is already over and offer you to subscribe to future campaign promotions. Each customer that managed to receive a coupon gets a number which they can show to the restaurant staff. The number is to track the analytics for you at the dashboard. Chatbot notifications can be set up in a way that notify only specific customers based on their past preferences and chatbot conversations.


Chat is an easy and convenient way to send notifications directly to your guests' messenger. What is more important than being able to inform your visitors about any updates that happen at your restaurant? Messenger open rate is a staggering 90%!!! So don't worry that you won't be heard.


Online food ordering

Chatbots are great tools to set up an online delivery service. Customers will be able to order their food via convenient interface and pay immediately. We save customer’s addresses and their preferences, which you can use for future notifications, e.g. coupons or other promotions.

Online shop

Online shop

  • Secure immediate payments
  • Delivery notifications

Gift cards

We created an easy process to sell and deliver gift cards to your customers. Your customers can buy and share gift cards of different amount of money and pay secure and easily inside the messenger.